The Next Big Election After November 6


All set for November 6? If you’re like the growing majority of voters, you’ve already sent your choices in by mail and are making your Election Night-watching plans.

But for one group of small-business owners, November 6 is not the last big election of the year. They’ll be voting their National Federation of Independent Business state ballots the remaining of November through December. NFIB uses the results from its federal and state member ballots to center its lobbying positions in Sacramento and in Washington, D.C.

How about your association’s members? To speak for them, you really should hear from them.

The results from member ballots really grab legislators’ attention in a way an office visit never will. Congressional and state lawmakers across the nation know that results from member ballots support NFIB’s claim to be the true Voice of Small Business.

NFIB, a Kabateck Strategies client, has been at it longer than your association, but Kabateck Strategies urges you to get started and would like to work with you on the development. Having the opinions of your members in hand helps with coalition building and legislative advocacy.

Side Note: Another reason lawmakers consider NFIB the voice of small business is that it never strays from the issues it knows the best—small-business issues. Click here for a brief explanation on why NFIB doesn’t take a stand on certain issues. Let us work with your association in refining its brand, purpose, and mission to make it synonymous with what it exists to do.

Please remember to take time and vote this midterm election. Every vote counts and your vote matters!