Meaningful Use of Data

by admin
6 years ago

Meaningful Use of Data: Designing, Creating, and Implementing Data Warehouses of Health Program Information to Automate Reports and Dashboards.

The Issue:

Non-Profit health and human services agencies often produce remarkable results with very limited resources. While these agencies can articulate amazing accounts of how they miraculously changed and enhanced peoples’ lives, they often struggle to evidence their impact with hard data. In their work, data collection and reporting are often low on the priority list, if on the list at all. For those non-profits that are collecting data, most are struggling to utilize what limited resources they have to produce standard reports that meet the bare minimum requirements of their contracts and state or federal reporting requirements. As expectations continue to rise not only for regular reporting of activities and outcomes, but also for data driven decision making, evidence-based program planning and performance-based payment schedules, organizations on a tight budget are scrambling to show an impact they can support with data.

Our Work:

  • Meet with focus groups of diverse stakeholders, including clients, to identify key performance indicators which speak to success
  • Work with IT and database administrator staff to generate code to extract data from multiple silos of information
  • Merge data from disparate sources into a data warehouse
  • Design automated dashboards and reports to generate at the click of a button
  • Created pre-processed datasets for ad-hock reporting needs driven by user-defined filters (e.g., success indicators for all children between ages of 10-15 who had 2 or more foster care placements)
  • Create an interactive User Manual and provided hands-on training for all staff

The Solution:

MHData is able to create custom interfaces and automated reports so that:

  • Organizations can showcase their efforts and outcomes regularly, efficiently, and effectively to diverse audiences.
  • Quality, Evaluation, and Administration staff can utilize a simple interface to access the information they need quickly and reliably.