Improving Info Workflow

by admin
3 years ago

Improving Information Workflow: Assisting data transmission from the point of service to program to agency to county to state to federal department.

The Issue:

Data are captured and stored in a variety of formats, including on paper, in health records and in data repositories. Each time data is translated from one form to the other, information may be altered or lost. From data entry errors, to data coding errors, to data crosswalk errors, business rule inconsistencies and data transfer omissions, the quality of the data from the point of service when it is collected to the point of use when it is interpreted may remind us of the childhood game of Telephone. MHDATA works to identify ways to improve information workflow, making it more efficient, more reliable and more robust.

Our Work:

  • Introduce and support innovative ways to capture data more efficiently and reliably, bypassing data entry with cell phone camera capture of standardized paper forms and voice to text clinical notes
  • Work with stakeholders to improve data definitions and remove ambiguities which lead to missed and incorrect data reporting
  • Create training materials and perform live and recorded trainings so that staff can evoke, capture, use and interpret health information effectively
  • Work with electronic health record vendors to improve processes for data sharing
  • Identify and automate methods to link, merge and join data and data systems
  • Create data validation processes to measure and confirm data transmission performance

The Solution:

MHData is able to introduce new technology and procedures so that:

  • Information is captured more easily and reliably reducing the burden on frontline staff.
  • Data quality is maintained from point of service to point of use, maximizing the potential value of the knowledge we can garner from our health services systems.