Bringing Data Full Circle

by admin
6 years ago

Bringing Data Full Circle: Creating Value and Driving Investment in High Quality Data at the Source.

The Issue:

Requirements to report health services data to higher authorities play a vital role in accountability and continuous quality improvement efforts in the behavioral health and social welfare field. However, reporting data to higher authorities is often a one-way data stream where organizations which collect information send data into a black box held by a higher authority. This often feels like a burdensome process with little or no return on effort invested by the reporting organizations. Reporting organization may submit data to numerous authorities and then never see anything come from their efforts. The cost of data collection and reporting is high, and the incentives to ensure data quality in reporting are often low. In addition, these same organizations have their own questions which could be informed by data about what’s working, how well, and for whom. High quality data comes from high investment from the source. High investment in high quality data reporting will only happen when there is a return on that investment by closing the feedback loop. It is imperative that reporting organizations get back information and reports from their data that they feel are valuable as a result of reporting their data to an authority. Authorities who collect data from multiple organizations can add value to data by creating reports with standardizes metrics across organizations, creating a common language to share information at a broader level than an organization can do on its own. Bringing the data back to the source in a meaningful way increases investment in high quality data, at any level.

The Solution:

MHData is able to create custom interfaces and automated feedback reports so that:

  • Organizations can access, review, and utilize the data they are required to submit.
  • State and federal agencies get high investment in high quality data from the programs they fund and support.