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CSI & DCR Data Quality Improvement Webinar Series

MHDATA had researched data quality in the Client Services Information system (CSI) and the Data Collection and Reporting System (DCR). In these systems we saw many gaps, errors and inconsistencies. MHDATA obtained valuable feedback from counties, vendors, providers and state staff on issues, causes, and potential solutions to improving the quality of data. This webinar series was built around specific issue topics to share information between counties and DHCS.

DCR Data Issues

DCR Kick-off: Requirements, best practices, training, staff turnover, approver status, helpdesk (11/2/2017)

DCR: Issues with the PAF and usability of forms & data correction (11/9/2017)

DCR: Issues with 3Ms and usability of forms & data correction (11/16/2017)

DCR: Issues with Key Events and usability of forms & data correction (11/30/2017)

DCR: System issues: Timeouts, logging into a separate system, push notifications of assessments due, clients switching programs, etc. (12/7/2017)

DCR: Issues with XML submissions with counties and their vendors (1/4/2018)

DCR: Summary Reports #1: Brainstorming client, PSC, provider, county, region/state level data summary reports (1/11/2018)

DCR: Children’s programs and data collection (1/15/2018)

DCR: Summary Reports #2: Finalizing client, PSC, provider, program, county, region/state level data summary reports (1/25/2018)

DCR: Switching to/from XML and XML issues follow up (updates to issues from Dec 14 meeting) (2/1/2018)

CSI Data Issues

CSI Kick-Off: What services should be reported to CSI? Classifying service types (collateral, etc.); Out-of-County Supplemental Report (12/14/2017)

CSI: The Provider File, Non‐Medi‐Cal providers and keeping it current (2/15/2018)

CSI: Periodic Records – Initial Meeting (2/22/2018)

CSI: Errors related to ICD-10 (3/1/2018)

CSI: Errors related to Mode 05 Services (e.g., dates overlapping) (3/8/2018)

CSI: Summary Reports #1: brainstorming data summary reports by client counts, service types and providers (3/15/2018)

CSI Data Quality Improvement Webinar 8: NetSmart Avatar and other NetSmart Specific Issues (3/22/2018)

Webinar 9: Cerner Anasazi And Other Cerner Specific Issues (3/29/2018)

Webinar 10: Echo Sharecare Specific Issues (4/5/2018)

Webinar 11: Summary Reports 2 (4/12/2018)

Webinar 13: InSIST Specific Issues (4/26/2018)

Webinar 14: Epic Healthlink Specific Issues (5/3/2018)

Webinar 15: Welligent Specific Issues (5/10/2018)

Webinar 16: Support, Training, Documentation, Out Of County Services, Faqs, And Using The Help Desk (5/17/2018)

Webinar 19: Pre-submission Validation And Soft Submissions Before Committing Data (6/7/2018)

Webinar 20: Suspended Records And Batch Corrections (6/14/2018)

Webinar 22: Capturing MHSA Services (6/28/2018)


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