How Do Voters View Your Association?

Has your association endorsed a political candidate or two?

October of even-numbered years is the time your association’s reputation matters the most.

A lot of the voting public does not have the time to bone up on each candidate’s positions, so many look for a candidate’s list of endorsers to affirm their vote for or (can’t win them all) against a candidate.

There is, however, something worse than your association being the reason to vote against the candidate you’ve endorsed – and that is voters never having heard of your association in the first place.

When your association isn’t raising question marks in the voters’ minds, they’re probably thinking your association could be a fake group created by more third-party meddling in another election cycle.

A well-thought-out plan will do more than just raise your association’s awareness with voters. By getting your members involved, it will strengthen your association from within. Offering your members an opportunity to get involved politically is a great way to hear from them and to leverage their enthusiasm for other association needs, such as the recruitment of new members and brand-reputation enhancement programs.

With the 2018 General Election upon us and the new legislative session around the corner, we at Kabateck Strategies would like to talk to you about how you want your association perceived by voters, policymakers and prospects. We stand ready to help build your name identification and underpin it with positive opinions.